is like infinite dashboards in one, and you can quickly switch between views by saving and loading reports.

When you save a report, it save:

  1. The current date range, sort and filters
  2. The currently graphed items, including what is in the legend
  3. The selected report

For example, here I did a saved search to show me the visits during the pre-launch of, with a filter, date-range, and the tracking pixels on three pages graphed. (It wasn't actually for sale during this time, despite the sales sneaking in.)

To save a search, open the search panel, type in a name for your search where it says, "Save Search As", and click the "Save" icon:

You can open a report by just typing in the name of the report in the "Open Report Name" field. As you start to type, auto-complete will show you all the matching reports. Or, click the button to the right of the field with the three bars to open up the full list, which you can sort and filter. Then click a report to load it:

Once you load a report, you can overwrite it by saving it again with the same name. Here's the report of the blog post views from the last 7 days, which happened to be over the Christmas holidays, so views were pretty low! When I loaded it, it was sorted by most views, but I want it to load listed by when they were created, so the most recent blog post is at the top. So, I just started typing in "blog" into the "Save Report As" field, selected the same report from the auto-complete, and clicked "Save":