This is a public draft - Screen-shots and a video tutorial are coming.

You can inject any combination of multiple hidden links, hidden images, or hidden JavaScript into any type of link. They can be injected into a pre-load page, which quickly loads before arriving at the destination, or they can be injected into a frame, when someone arrives at the destination,

There are pros and cons with each method.

The pre-load version slows down loading of the site very slightly, but doesn't interfere with the site and cannot be blocked by the site, and can be used on any type of destination. The framed version only works on destinations that are web sites. Frames can be blocked by frame breakers. Frames also often violate terms-of-services of sites and don't work on all sites. I don't like frames personally.

I recommend the pre-load. Others may have different opinions, which would be an interesting discussion in the forums.

We have two libraries that you'll use for this. We have the library for your pre-load pages, which is something we'll be expanding on in future releases. And we have a library for your injections. On any redirect link, you can then choose to add a pre-load or a framed link, and then in the settings for the pre-load or frame, you can pick multiple injections to go in it.

Here are the steps to add retargeting code. The reason we went with the concept of a library, is so that if you want to add one or more injections into multiple links, you just repeat the step of adding it to a redirect link, instead of going back to the service, finding the tracking code, copying it, and then pasting that. Also, if you want to update the code in an injection, you do it once, and it instantly changes across all your marketing. 

Setup a default pre-load. You only need to do this once, ever:

1) In the wizard, go to pre-loads. These are briefly shown pages before your link for dropping injections.


2) Add a default pre-load. This is your container to inject things into. 

Setup each injection once:


1) In the wizard, go to injections. This is your library of things to inject into your pre-load, or into framed links. 


2) Add a new injection for each thing you want to inject. The retargeting code is the hidden javascript injection type. You only need to add each injection type once and then you can use it over and over again, picking it from your injections library.

Add the injections to a redirect link:


1) Go to the management page of any redirect you want to add the injection to. You can do that by clicking on the wizard button over the row in the reports, or clicking on the wizard button at the top, going to redirects, searching for it, and clicking on it.


2) In the redirect management page, click the pre-load setting, select the default pre-load you made, then select the hidden injections to inject.

3) When you save the pre-load or frame, it will ask you if you want to apply it to other links going to the destination, or that point to it in the future. This saves you from having to do this for every link going to a destination, if you all of them to have the same injection.