You get to the split-test management page by clicking on the Create / Manage Split-Test Offers" button on the home page of the wizard in the "Boost Traffic and Profits" section. On the split-test management page, it shows you all your split tests, their status ("Active" or date finished), the number of visits to the split-test, and the number of destinations that were being split test:



Clicking on one of the split-tests in the list lets you:

1) Edit an active split-test. 

2) End an active split-test by assigning a winner for all the redirect links to point to.

3) End an active split-test by cancelling it, which sets the redirect links to go where they went before the split-test was setup.

4) Reactivate a split-test that has been ended by creating a copy of it, so your history remains intact.

Editing a split-test:

After you click on the split-test in the list of split-tests, just click the "Next" button to go through the setup of the split-test again, changing what you want. If you wanted to add another destination to the split-test, this is where you would go. (Note, if you are split-testing affiliate links, changing your destinations mid-test will render the results meaningless. It's better to cancel the split-test and then create a copy.)

Assigning a winner to a split-test:

When you click on the split-test and get to the editing page, click on the "End Split-Test" button:

On the next screen, select the destination from the destinations in the split-test, where you want all the traffic from all the redirect links pointed to the split-test to go. Then click the "Save Winner" button:

Cancelling a split-test:

Just like ending a split-test by assigning a winner, except on the above screen, you don't select a winner. When no winner is selected, the "Save Winner" button says, "End (No Winner)". When you do this, it will send all the redirect links back to wherever they were pointed before you setup the split-test.

If you created new redirect links and when creating them, pointed them to the split-test, they don't have an original destination, so won't know where to send them if you end the split-test without assigning a winner. In this case, it will ask you where to send all those "orphaned" redirect links. It will list all your destinations setup in for you to pick one:

Reactivating a split-test:

If you have an inactive split-test you want to reuse, you can reactivate it by clicking on it in the list and then clicking the reactivate button:

This will take you through the same steps as setting up a split-test, but with everything already filled in from the split-test you are reactivating. When you save it, it will create a copy of the reactivated split-test, so your history remains intact.