The scarcity management page in the wizard shows your complete history of every scarcity offer you've ever run, and it's status.

Here's a screenshot from an older version, to give you an idea of what it might look like with lots of different scarcity offers running. You can see at a glance the status of each offer. The third column lists how many people are left to go before it expires, or how much time is left before it expires, and the green bar in the background shows how far it's gone as a percentage. When it is expired, it turns purple and shows the date that it completed:


Clicking on an active scarcity offer gives you the option to edit it. You go through the same steps as when creating it to change anything about the offer, though you can't change the type between time and quantity. So, if you wanted to change the date, or change the number of people, you would click it, and you can edit that in the first screen.

When editing a scarcity offer, you can also cancel it, which will return everything to normal. So, if you cancel an active scarcity offer, it will never expire. If you cancel an expired scarcity offer, it will return to the state prior to expiring, as in, back to the initial destination instead of the expired destination:



Once you cancel a scarcity offer, or it finishes naturally, it will remain in your list of scarcity offers as part of your history, so you'll always be able to see what you've done in the past with previous scarcity offers:

If you want to reuse a split-test, and run it again, you can click on it, and reactivate it:

This will create a copy, so you keep your previous one in your history, so you know what you've done: