You can point your unhosted domains to our servers for three types of redirect links:

1) Keyword links on your domains that don't have websites

These are just like keyword links on your websites, but in this case, the domain is hosted with us and there is no website. If you ever need to add a website to one of these domains later, we can help you move both your domain and the links to your own server, without interruption in clicks. This lets you start with a keyword links on a niche-related domain, and add a website later if you want.

2) Domain redirects

These are the highest converting types of redirect links. A domain redirect is a redirect of a domain name, so that when someone types, "" in a web browser, they get redirected to another destination. This is very useful for big promotions, like buying to redirect to your affiliate link. (I've already got that domain!)

3) Branded short links

Short links are like style links and you can make them on our domains, and, or buy your own domains to match the branding for your different sites, and point them to us. 


- With this method, you cannot use https on your links.

- You cannot use these types of domains for anything else. It's dedicated to this purpose.

- But you can take back your keyword link domains and we can migrate your links to your host.

- It may take a couple of days for the settings to take effect at your domain registrar.

How To:

1. Login to, and click "New" and "Domain". 

Select the second option if you want to use your domain for a keyword link or a domain redirect. Select the third option if it is to be used for short links.

2. Enter in the domain name that you own and isn't hosted anywhere. For keyword links, you can also put in an optional 404 page, where you want people to go if they type in a link on that domain that doesn't exist. And then click "Save". For a branded short link domain, you cannot set a custom 404 error at this time.

3. Go to the domain registrar where you registered the domain you want to use for your redirect links, and manage the domain. Look for something called "Edit DNS Servers" or something very similar. If you can't find it, ask your registrar where to find it.

4. Set it to use your own custom DNS servers, set the two name servers to "" and "", and save the changes.

5. Wait about 24 hours for the change to take effect. We will automatically email you when the domain has propagated and is ready to use.

6. Now you can create new redirect links with the type you selected. For example, if you are using the domain as a domain redirect, create a new redirect of that type, and select the domain.