If you're a GoTryTHIS client, you can import your links into Tracker.ly. The click data cannot be imported, but you can keep all your click data in GoTryTHIS for your older stats.

Here are instructions:

GoTryTHIS 1: 

1) Sign up for Tracker.ly at http://tracker.ly/join.

2) In addition to your Tracker.ly account, you will get an account at the hosted version of GoTryTHIS. Login to http://my.gotrythis.com

3) Import each of your domains there by adding them as new domains. It will import all your links and stats into GoTryTHIS, so you have all your old stats in one place and can continue to upgrade to Tracker.ly.

4) Follow the instructions for importing from GoTryTHIS 2 Hosted below.

GoTryTHIS 2 Hosted:

1) Sign up for Tracker.ly at http://tracker.ly/join.

2) Login to Tracker.ly at http://tracker.ly/dashboard

3) Add each domain from the domains button at the top. If your site is running Wordpress, at the end of the import, you'll need to login to Wordpress and disable the gotrythis plugin and enable the tracker.ly plugin, which will have been automatically installed (but not activated) during the setup process.

GoTryTHIS 2 Installed: 

Please follow these instructions: http://my.gotrythis.com/importGTT2Installed.php

After importing:

For each link you had in GoTryTHIS, you'll have both a destination and a redirect link in Tracker.ly, which will be tracked individually from now on. If you have the same destination in more than once in GoTryTHIS, it will only show up once in Tracker.ly, and there will be multiple redirect links pointing to that destination.

Creating new links is now a two step process. First add the destination, then click the "New Redirect" button to add one or more redirect links to point to that destination.

If you had embedded links on any domains, they are all listed in the injections section in the wizard. An injection is setup once and then applied to different redirect links.