You may want to test a redirect link to see if you get on the right page and then clear your data afterwards so you have fresh stats.

To do this, go to the management page for the redirect link in the wizard. For example, after you create a redirect link you'll end up there and can click the big blue URL to test the link, or if it's a QR code, the QR code will be displayed so you can test it by pointing your smart phone QR code app at the screen.

When you click the link, the destination opens in a new tab and within 30 seconds, both the redirect link and destination will have 1 click each. To verify, click the "Stats" button under the URL to pull up that redirect link in the reports:

After clicking the "Stats" button, you'll see something like this in the reports. You can see that there is one click on the redirect link and one on the destination, so all is good:

To delete that click, so there is no test data in your results, go back to the management page for the redirect link. The fastest way to do this, is to move your mouse over the row, and click the icon to load the redirect link in the wizard.

Now, you can click on the red "Delete Data" button, and then on the "Confirm" button on the next screen. When you do, all clicks that went through this redirect link will be deleted from both the redirect link and the destination link. This cannot be undone.