Each screen in the wizard that can display a long list of items has several ways to search them, so that you can quickly navigate around instead of scrolling through long lists.

For example, this client has 914 destinations setup:

Here's how you can quickly find what you're looking for:

1. In the text search field, it will filter the list of destinations as you type, simultaneously searching both the destination reference name and destination URL.

2. You can sort the results by reference name, date created, date the destination was last clicked, the number of visits sent to the destination, and the number of tracking links the destination has.

3. And you can also click the "Find By Group" button, which switches you over to your list of custom groups:

From here you can use the text search and sort to find any group, and then click on the group name to show only destinations in that group. (Or you can click on the "Destinations" button or "All groups combined" to go back to the destinations list with no group filter active.)

You'll see similar search and sort options on any list of things in the wizard. The "find by group" filter is also on any screen that lists destinations or redirect links.