If you are promoting affiliate products you can associate the appropriate affiliate program login link with each destination, just to help keep you organized. There is an affiliate program login button on the management page of each destination that has an affiliate link associated with it.  Tracker.ly only stores the link to the affiliate program login page; Tracker.ly does not store your usernames or passwords. We  recommend storing username and password pairs in LastPass, a free and secure online password management system. 

In Tracker.ly, you add each of your login links for affiliate programs just once, and then assign the login to Tracker.ly destinations that are affiliate links managed at that login. So, for example, if you have a bunch of Clickbank affiliate links, you can put in the login link to Clickbank once and assign that affiliate login link to each of your Clickbank affiliate link destinations in Tracker.ly.

To add an affiliate program login link, you can open the wizard, scroll down to “Destinations” and click the "Add / Login To X Affiliate Logins” button. Alternatively, click the “Affiliate Login: None" button on the "Manage Destination" page for any Tracker.ly destination. Once you add the link to the affiliate program’s login page, the None part of the button label will change to Assigned.

Here we are on the "Manage Destination" page in the wizard before adding the login for the Tracker.ly affiliate program:

Clicking on that button takes you to the screen to choose an affiliate login to associate. You can either pick one that exists and click "Save", or create a new one by clicking "New Login".

Here I am adding that Tracker.ly affiliate program login link that appears in that last screenshot.

The screen to create a new login looks like this. Enter in a reference name, such as “Clickbank” or “Tracker.ly Affiliate Program Login Page" so you can search for it and pick it out of the list of logins when assigning an Affiliate Login to a destination.

Once you save the login page link, you return to "Assign Affiliate Login" page where you choose an existing login, or click to add a new one. (Yes, we were on the same screen a couple steps earlier in this procedure!) The login link you just created is selected. Simply click Save to confirm that new login link.

You then arrive back at the Manage Destination page. The Affiliate Login button on the page now says "Affiliate Login: Assigned,” and it will be green. It looks like this: 

Now, when you click the green “Affiliate Login: Assigned  Visit or edit login page” button, you have two options. You can edit the affiliate program login info, or you can click "Open the Affiliate Program Login Screen” button to open the login link in a new window.

Note that the example here is flawed. Since I am logged into Tracker.ly, when I attempt to visit the login page I once again am logged in and I arrive at the customer Dashboard. Configure any affiliate program login other than the Tracker.ly program, and clicking the ‘Open Login Screen’ button will take you directly to the login page you have configured.