has a neat trick to let you instantly make a copy of an existing keyword link or short link, without having to log into the dashboard to create the copy. This really speeds up creating a new redirect link. It is literally as fast as copy-pasting your original link, then typing a dash followed by a few characters. So these new links truly are created on-the-fly.

It's important that the extra stuff after your existing redirect link starts with a dash, and then it can be followed by anything that makes a valid URL, including additional dashes. This also works with short links, so if you have a link already setup in like, you can add a dash after that, and then additional characters.

Here's how it works:

You could create a base link in like “”. Then when writing an autoresponder email you could copy-paste that link 3 times, but add "-morning," "-noon" and "-night" to the links. 

The links visible in your email would be:

In the dashboard, you would then find the link you created earlier,  You would also have these three new links and click counts for each of them:

-morning copy of

-noon copy of

-night copy of

This lets you create and track unique redirect links for each marketing message, for every PPC ad and for every link in an email or in an ebook, even if there are 28 links in the ebook. And you don’t have to set all those links up in advance. People make very simple dash links, like "-1", "-2", and "-3" for the first, second, and third link in the same email respectively, so they can track which sales copy in the email got clicks.