Sometimes, published links are going to places that are no longer of use to you. Perhaps a better solution is available or a product no longer exists, and you need to change all those links. In other link redirection services that allow you to edit destinations, you change the URL of the destination and the redirect link now points to the new destination. The problem with that is that you no longer know how much traffic went to the either the original or new destination link.

In, once a destination has received clicks, you cannot change the destination URL. Instead, you can reassign some or all of the redirect links that point to that outdated destination, to now point to a new destination. This makes sure that you know exactly when and how many clicks went to the old destination vs. the new destination. If the destination doesn't have clicks, or you deleted the clicks, then you just edit the destination, removing the old destination.

In each case, you first go to the destination management page. You can get to it in several ways:

1) Click on the "Destinations" report in the dashboard, hover over a destination, and click the wizard icon.

2) Click on the "Manage Destinations" button in the wizard, and select a destination to manage.

To change the destination URL before it has clicks:

If you made a typo in the destination URL, and you realize it after first entering in the destination, you can just go to the management screen for the destination, click on "Edit", change the destination, and save it. 

To change the destination after it has testing data:

But, as soon as it has clicks, you cannot edit that destination that way. If the clicks it has are simply you testing it, you can delete the data, using the "Delete Data" button and then you can edit the destination again. This allows you to avoid having a bunch of mistake destinations lying around. So, first click the "Delete Data" button and confirm, then click the "Edit" button.

(Keep in mind, if you delete the data, it will delete all the click data on all the redirect links as well as the destination!)

To change the destination after it has real data you want to keep:

At this point, you want to keep the click data going to the old destination separate from the click data going to the new destination, so instead of editing the destination as you did above, you simply assign the trackers from the old destination to the new destination. (You can assign some or all of the trackers depending on your needs.) To do this, go to the management page of the destination and click on the "Point Them To Different Destination" button, select the trackers you want to move (or all) and then select the new destination to send them to. You can add a new destination on that final step if it doesn't exist in yet.

In the first step, you'll be asked which redirect links you want to move. It will list all the redirect links pointed to that destination. You can pick all of them by clicking the "Select All" button, or select only some of them, if you want to leave some of the redirect links pointed to the old destination.

In the next step, you pick the new destination. Just like setting up a new redirect link, you can select a single destination, multiple destinations to create a new split-test, or select an existing split-test from "My Split-Tests" to send these redirect links to a split-test you're already running.