Destinations are the web pages, affiliate links, reports, documents, or any other links that you are sending people to.

To add a new destination: 

Click the "New" button in the header, then the "Destination" button in the sub-menu.

Alternatively you can:

  1. Click the "Add New Destination" button in the "Destinations" section of the wizard.
  2. Click the "New Destination" button on the "Manage Destinations" screen in the wizard.
  3. Click the "New Destination" button while adding a redirect link or pointing a redirect link to a new place.

All of those will bring you to this screen:

Only the follow information is required:

  1. Reference Name
    This is a human-friendly name for the destination to help you to search for it, and recognize this destination in the reports.

  2. The Destination URL
    This is the link you will be sending people to. You only put in each destination once, so if you try to put one in twice, you will get a notice telling you it's already in the system.

To help you organize your destination links you may also want to fill in the following:

  1. Niche
    If you are working in multiple niches, set the niche that this destination is in. Later, you can filter your marketing to only see marketing in specific niches, report on which niches are working best for you, and graph all the traffic going to each niche.

  2. Custom Groups
    Here you can organize your destinations however you like, to describe where you are sending people. For instance, you could create a group called "Affiliate Links", and add every affiliate link into that group. You could also add the affiliate network as a second group, like "Clickbank". Then in reports, you can filter by multiple groups to show just affiliate links, or affiliate links in from Clickbank, etc.

    To add a new group, type it in and press "tab" and then you can add another. To add an existing group, type it in, and any matching groups will appear for you to select, which you can do with the arrows and "tab" to select, or with a mouse. Once a group is assigned, you can remove it by clicking the x on the right side of it.

  3. Notes
    Enter in any notes you like to help you remember information about this destination.

When you're done, click the "Save" button and your destination is created. This will take you to the "Manage Destination" page for that destination, where you can start adding redirect links or get into the more advanced settings, or if you added it while creating or moving a redirect link, it will take you back to the select destination screen with the destination selected.

Here's how to create redirect links for your destinations.